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My primary interest is exploration of the mind and body phenomenon through butoh dance.This has developed through work with Masaki Iwana, a former student of its founder Tatsumi Hijikata, and my daily practice of Vipassana meditation. Dance for me is to approach the first and last moment of life at the same time. We are always one breath , one heartbeat away from the mystery of the absolute unknown.
I’m a misconstructionist artist and my means of expression and research use the body, digital art, film, sound, drawing, poetry, photography and tarot.

In 1993 I formed Testcard, a confrontational performance group. This was a co-operative venture with a floating membership, aiming to disturb people into personal change or self reflection through a series of experimental performances based on a 'new sound and vision' manifesto. The projects operate through Testcard: a battle into the unconscious in which any footing is quickly lost to an illusionary and devious mind.

The Testcard is the symbolic end to programmed schedules, the fear of losing structure, the fear of habitual behaviour patterns. We operate under the premise that there can be very little conscious awareness of a structure to one's action, but unconsciously one is subject to a loosely determined destiny: future, present and past existing as one, accessed intuitively through divinatory methods...

TESTCARD explore the shifting world of the mind. Performance research range from Ouija board transmissions to brain frequency and mind/body experiments seeking answers to hidden truths through intuitive approaches. We have performed in Russia, Berlin, Paris, Kiev and Tate Modern in London. We are currently exploring brain frequencies and composition of music from magnetic and electrical fields in haunted locations.

The notorious ouija board radio transmission has been published in John Rackham’s book ‘Brighton Ghosts, Hove Hauntings’. Using the Electronic Voice Phenomenon technique of Friedrich Jürgenson, a soundtrack CD of F.W Murnau’s 1922 film Nosferatu, has been released, with samples recorded from haunted locations in Paris, London and Brighton. Testcard regularly transmit a monthly broadcast on Radio4A and are currently based in Berlin.

main_bodyPhotograph : Laura Uribe



Degree, Computer Studies – Brighton University 1988
Certificate in Digital Arts – Sussex University 1998
Certificate 2 years in Physical Theatre Northbrook, Brighton 2001-2003
2 years Dance and Visual Arts , Brighton University 2003-2005

Early performances

Shoreham Adur Festival radio electronic music broadcast with the New York writer Martin Segal
Margate the Lido : Electronic music performance and slides
The Richmond ,Brighton TV installation/sound performance/slides, 16mm film, built sound generators
The Richmond Brighton : Live soundtrack to ‘the holiday’ super 8 film 15 minutes, amplified violins, record decks, rythmn generators.
The Prince Albert : Live link from studio / children miming to soundtrack for 16mm mental hospital film
The Albert : Live link for JSA benefit : Converted Televisions react to soundtracks.
Brighton festival radio electronic Exorcism with ouija board built circuits/ church samples
Brighton Woodvale cemetary: TV as Legs installation.
The Nunnery: Meditation room performance 16mm films, electronic childrens toys/ built circuits
The Zap club, Brighton : Lieber Rausch festival : Electronic music performance
Bar Centro , Brighton : JSA benefit : Electronic music/ French Performance Artist Dominique Rivoal.
Ship St Post Office, Brighton, Squat party : Live soundtrack to the Battleship Potemkin with Piano.
Phoenix Gallery, Brighton : No More Hiroshimas festival, voices and samples with cannibalised tvs
East st Brighton : Squat party Benefit: Miked up piano and Tvs, Self built video projector.
Sub café, Brighton 666 night: piano soundtrack
Brighton Subway performance: Exponential horn, battery sound generators
Strawberry Fair, Cambridge: Piano , noise generators, turntable
The Zap, Brighton : The Brain Machine
The sanctuary café, Brighton : Scanned conversation
Cybar, Brighton : Testcard vs Koan

The Lift , Brighton: Live soundtrack to Exorcism film
The Lift , Brighton: Live soundtrack to The Sound Mirror, film 20 minutes , video
The Zap club , Brighton: Dead Astronauts installation for Scratch magazine
Ray Tindle centre, Brighton: Pioneers of Electronic music festival : Surface Scan , 10 minutes slide and live soundtrack


Lighthouse, Brighton Media Centre, Demonstration of the Brain Machine CDROM
Gardner Arts , Brighton University , Circulations Festival: Surface Scan experiment
Gardner Arts, Brighton University, Tv sculptures for Web site launch

The Legacy of Misconstruction, Brighton (see funded installations)
Transmit, Russia (see funded installations)

Mirror anatomy of Attack (see funded installations) Lewis All saints church


Peep Show 1997 nude walk around the erotic museum Paris, Pigalle district
Short films
(all available on youtube)

Angels (4 mins super 8)
Ederline Avenue (3 mins . dv)
The Dead Portal (2 mins . dv)
Towards the End of the Day (2 mins. dv)
At Night I Sleep (1 min . dv)
Doorways (2 mins . dv)
Peep Show (10 mins . video)
Waiting (1 min . dv)


Film Soundtracks

The seashell and the Clergyman 1928 Germaine Dulac 16mm
Destiny 1922 Fritz Lang 16mm
The Fall of the House of Usher 16mm
NOSFERATU 1922 16mm
Death of Television (20 mins)recorded at bbc Maidevaille studio, London

Short Soundtracks
Speedway to Paris super 8 : 1998
Miss Mayfair super 8 : 1998
Electricity super 8 : 1999

Radio4A 106.6 fm Transmissions 2000-2002

The Birth of Miconstruction 15.10.00
The Misuse of Power 11/00
The Recording Zone Operator 10.12.00
Fear of Radio Silence 14.01.01
Chapters from the Book of Shadows 11.02.01
Illusion of Meat 12.03.01
Surface Scan 12.04.01
Joy of Sex 10.05.01
Good State Beings 03.02
The Turbine Room 04.02

International Performances

TRANSMIT August 23rd - 29th 2000 - 2001
St Petersburg International festival of Experimental and Performance Art
CYNET Festival

An active biofeedback ‘soft’ machine installation where people can experience the effect of the waves of the human mind by entering a sound and vision space vibrating to the beats of a single persons thought patterns. The installation explored the fluctuating conscious and the effect of synchronising the human brain within a group situation. The piece was a collaboration with Malcolm B Dick and Emilia Telese all of whom have worked with confrontational media for many years.

MIRROR - anatomy of attack May 2001
funded by the arts council and national lottery

I was awarded a ‘Year of the Artist’ prize for the piece entitled ‘Mirror’ installed in the All Saints church in Lewis during the late Summer of 2001. The installation used pattern recognition s/w and MIDI triggers together with micro cameras on hammers to document the emotions towards the new technology by allowing people to destroy banks of computers and monitors set up in the space. Each micro-movement was fed through to a giant monitor cross set in the computer graveyard.

Funded by British libraries.

A six hour sound performance to mark the opening of world book day in the Turbine room of the Tate Modern. The performance accompanied dancers controlling six huge helium filled inflatables designed by the German artists from Hexenkessel.

September 2002
Helden Der Arbeit
Funded by East German government
East Germany
Live soundtrack for the ‘working class heroes’ festival in collaboration with the Italian designer Daniela Corsico

October 2002
Funded by the British government in Kiev
Kiev international media Art Festival (KIMAF)
A brain frquency installation in collaboration with the Spanish butoh dancer Esther Hoyuelos. Performed in a 17th century fortress museum.

July 2003
Funded by Occulture Brighton
at the Occulture festival Brighton Art College

The Brain machine Project in Brighton
Radio 4A radio program each month
Recording and performances of live music for film at Cinematheque, Brighton
Nosferatu, La Coquille et la Clergyman.

Normandy Exhibition of Drawings of Butoh Dancers in La Maison Du Butoh Blanc
Paris performance of Brain Machine Project with Moeno Wakamatsu

Encounter XV
Dance with Mim King (60 mins)
Earth Festival
Kostelec, Czech Republic

Residency in Factory-Berlin

Exhibition of Butoh Tanz Drawings
YaYa23 gallery OstKreuz

Butoh dance Performances

The Cleaners
Duet with Ai Suzuki
Normandy, France
La maison Du Butoh Blanc

solo dance with Magic is Kuntmaster (live sound), 30 mins
Kreuzberg, Berlin

Solo dance (40 mins) with Cello, Barnaby O’Rorke
The Old Mosque
Kreuzberg, Berlin

The tide in Malta
solo dance in water (15 mins)
normandy, la maison du butoh blanc

The Pipe Room
Solo dance , Cello, Barnaby O’Rorke (30 mins)

The Uncertain Nature of Glass
Solo dance (40 mins)
the old railway bureau

On the Fragments that shall Remain
Duet with Beryl Breuil, 35 mins
Normandy, France
La Maison Du Butoh Blanc

Illusion of Mirrors
Duet with Alice and Barnaby O’ Rorke (April 2008)
Tanz Fabrik, Berlin

Dance with Marienella Ruiz (April 2008) 40 mins
Gallery , Kreuzberg Berlin

Duet with Kettle
Solo dance, (May 2008) 30 mins
Rennes, France

Solo dance, (June 2008) 40 mins
Rennes, France

A dance for Autumn
Duet with Mim King (35 mins), October 2008
Berlin , Wedding
Sound - frisfisch

Duet with Mim King (45 mins), March 2009
Solo trumpet – mattthias muller
Loophole, Berlin

music: jdzazie @loophole60 boddin str:
07.06.09 Berlin

Life of the fly'
Monza festival - italy 15.05.10
music: mollusca (francesco cavaliere & michael northam)

Iron in the soul
The Collegium Forum & TV program
Limbus Europae
Music Matthias Muller

Imprint - a brief history of lies
With Servet Gurbuz
Music : Rinus Van Alebeek