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an 'experimental' walk around Pigalle, the red light district of Paris on Christmas Day 1997

Continuing the British obsession with World War 2,
our heroes Lepke B, Matt Gray and Adrian Shephard once again lampoon
into peacetime Berlin in search of Hitlers Bunker..

a film of my left foot and laura uribe reading one of the zen poems of ryokan, from dewdrops on a lotus leaf.

This was filmed in Paris, in Pere La Chaise on super 8, part of the soundtrack has recordings using the voice phenomenon technique. The film explores the human duality traps of light / dark , good / evil - each shot is matched with an empty shot symbolising the interleaving dreams within life and death. Is the viewer the angel ? seen only by the cemeterys only living residents, the wild cats... This was inspired by a bus journey i took once where i could only see people and not hear them, for a moment i became unusually separated from the meanings of , peoples journeys, interactions, facial movements, emotions. Just a series of scenes- my only reaction was to watch as if invisible in fascination. The thought struck me that maybe this is what the angels of our understanding might experience , passing through this world, puzzled at the motions which through distance, lose their meaning

Made on the day of my dear friend Marty Segals death, this film uses low resolution telephone camera stills to document martys' empty flat, with a recording of his last hour before he died. To be a witness to lifes' mystery is a great gift if one can truly carry it, sometimes i wonder if it was really too heavy a package ...